Scientists have told what people seem boring to us

The most boring people we find are data analysts, accountants, tax consultants, cleaners and bankers. They,

As a rule, they live in villages or smallcities, they like to sleep and watch TV. Religiosity, lack of a sense of humor and lack of your own opinion will also not add interest to you in the eyes of your interlocutor.

A group of scientists led by Weinand vonTilburg from the University of Essex conducted a series of five experiments. Researchers interviewed 115 people from the United States in order to form a portrait of an uninteresting interlocutor.

Each subject indicated up to 10 characteristics,which are characteristic of boring people, named three jobs and hobbies that they can do. As a result of the survey, a list of 45 personal qualities, 28 professions and 17 hobbies that seemed boring to the experiment participants was obtained.

The researchers asked a second group of 300subjects to rate how interesting they find people who possess each of the obtained traits. A similar experiment was conducted for professions and hobbies. The most boring person turned out to be a data analyst who likes to sleep and is not fond of anything.

In the three remaining experiments, the scientists testedhow stereotypes associated with boredom influence our attitude towards a stranger. It turned out that those who have boring professions or hobbies are more distrusted by others. They don’t want to talk to such people; they are often avoided.

"Boring people don't have a chance to demonstrateyourself and break down negative stereotypes,” says von Tilburg. “People avoid them, which leads to social ostracism and loneliness.” In our experiment, participants were willing to tolerate communication with potentially uninteresting interlocutors for only £35.”

It is noteworthy that even in such professions,Associated with monotonous and boring work, like accountants and tax consultants, employers are looking for job seekers with a lot of interests.

“I was interested to see that boring people inare generally not considered competent,” von Tilburg points out. “It seemed to me that an accountant can be considered boring, but effective in their work, but the experiment showed the opposite.”

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