Scientists launched a robot into a hurricane and filmed what is happening inside

Researchers studying hurricanes have sent a marine robot into the very center of a raging cyclone. This mission

needed to understand how hurricanes intensify, turning into monstrous storms with destructive winds and deadly floods.

As part of an innovative collaboration betweenThe US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and Saildrone, which develops innovative sailing drones, sent the device into Hurricane Fiona, which is heading for the east coast of Canada.

The Saildrone device worked in conditions of 15-meter waves and wind, which moved at a speed of 160 km / h. However, the device was able to collect data despite this.

The warm waters of the ocean are the "fuel" for storms. Saildrones will help researchers better understand how the oceans transfer this heat and energy to storms.

As already reported by Mashable, of particular interest tostorm researchers present conditions that favor the rapid intensification of tropical storms. For communities, stronger storms bring destructive winds and large storm surges along the coast - dangers that every resident should be aware of.

“The frequency of events has increased over the last fourdecades, and this increase is due to climate change,” explained Jim Kossin, an atmospheric scientist. Indeed, the seas are now inexorably warming. They absorb most of the heat that civilization traps on Earth."

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