Scientists: monkeypox began to mutate faster than expected

Scientists from the Dutor Ricardo Jorge National Institute of Health in Portugal reported

detected changes in monkeypox virus. Smallpox began to mutate faster than expected. Discuss

Experts said that in the course of researchsamples of genetic material were taken from 15 patients. It turned out that the mutation accelerated 6-12 times more than the expected values. This suggests that the virus has evolved a new way of infecting humans. What these methods are, there is no unequivocal answer yet, but at the moment it is known that the pathogen is transmitted between people by airborne droplets or through close contact with an infected person.

Scientists noted that some of the discoveredmutations affect the human immune system, in particular, enzymes such as APOBEC3. These enzymes are involved in the neutralization of viruses - they cause errors when copying genetic material. Experts believe that the virus could circulate in small quantities among local human communities or spread among animals in other countries.