Scientists restored the damaged donor lung of a pig and kept it alive for 36 hours. This is a record!

Organ transplantation is a very time-consuming and complex process, but in the case of the lung, it becomes even more difficult.

Even small damage to an organ can cause it to becomeAccording to scientists, more than 80% of donor lungs cannot be transplanted to the recipient for this reason.

Researchers have developed a new wayrehabilitation of damaged lungs to such an extent that they can then be transplanted. In experiments with pigs, the team removed a lung from one animal, damaged it with gastric material, and then proceeded to recover it.

Scientists have connected the donor lungs toanimal recipient to his blood flowed through the damaged tissue and returned to the body. Using this technique, the researchers managed to keep the lungs alive, they breathed outside the body for 36 hours.

Previously, scientists from the University of Maryland for the first time successfully delivered a kidney for transplant using a drone. Immediately after the transportation of the organ, it was transplanted to the recipient.