Scientists say Earth has entered the era of the sixth mass extinction

Scientists shared the disappointing findings of the new study. According to experts, already now the Earth

entered the era of the sixth mass extinction. Moreover, they believe the planet faces a dire future if world leaders continue to ignore environmental concerns.

As part of the study, experts studied the order150 works focused on environmental modification. Scientists believe that the leaders of world states most often turn a blind eye to climate problems. The findings of the new study, in turn, demonstrate that the conditions of the surrounding world have become much more dangerous than people think.

According to one of the author of the scientific work,Professor of the Institute for the Environment and Sustainable Development of the University of California at Los Angeles, Daniel Blumstein, if the trend of ignoring environmental problems continues, humanity will face dire consequences.

"The scale of the threat to the biosphere and all its forms of lifeso large that it is difficult for even well-informed experts to comprehend it, ”warned Professor Corey Bradshaw of Flinders University in Australia.

Despite the fact that now the Earth has enteredthe era of the sixth mass extinction, which was provoked by humanity, people continue to engage in the sale of wild animals, the exploitation of toxic elements and other actions that negatively affect the environment.