Scientists told how not to succumb to winter spleen

An article was published in the journal Psychiatry Research, in which scientists talked about the fact that physical activity

and exposure to the sun significantly reduces the risk of spleen in the winter.

In order to confirm this hypothesis,researchers had to analyze data from 400 thousand Swedes, 40% of whom were women. As a result, some of the analyzed were active skiers, and some were not. And as a result of a complete study of the data available on hand, scientists came to the conclusion that those of the experimental subjects who often ski had 50% less depression than those who did not spend their free time doing active sports.

Recall that similar studies took place andearlier, as a result of which scientists were able to find out that physical activity affects the mental state more than sunlight. But recent data allows experts to argue that it is the combination of these two indicators that has the most favorable effect on the well-being of people.