Scientists were able to revive a pig an hour after death - some organs recovered 100%

American scientists were able to develop a technology that allowed them to revive a pig an hour after

death of the animal.

What is known

Yale University researchers have succeededto restore blood circulation and the work of internal organs in pigs an hour after death was recorded. As part of the experiment, scientists provoked cardiac arrest in pigs that were under anesthesia.

An hour later, the animal's body was connected toa special apparatus that replaced the work of the lungs and heart. Next, the scientists injected a liquid called OrganEx. It is responsible for stopping cell death, restoring key organs, and maintaining tissue integrity.

After six hours, some organs were completelyrestored. The further fate of the resurrected pigs is not specified. As for the experiment itself, the results obtained may be useful in transplantation, helping to save donor organs of deceased people for transplantation to patients.

In theory, scientists will be able to revive a person andrestore the functions of internal organs after cardiac arrest. True, there is a nuance here. As we noted above, the full recovery of some organs takes up to six hours. In turn, the human brain receives irreversible damage after a few minutes without oxygen.

Source: The Nature

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