Screen flicker on the Galaxy S10 +: what's up?

The release of new products has recently been increasingly accompanied by problems and negative reviews.This applies to

And Samsung is no exception.Moreover, this is not the first time that users have complained about the quality of the phone.But let's get to the point, this time complaints have started coming in from the owners of the new Galaxy S10 .The problem is a flickering screen.

Screen problems

Immediately several users of the Galaxy S10 + scoredalarm on the web when they noticed strange things in the work of the display of the smartphone. They all noted the strange flicker of pixels on the screen. And, of course, the first thought was a malfunction of the Galaxy S10 + display. Large resources were written about the problem, so Samsung quickly responded and gave an official answer about this.

According to an official representative of the Koreancompany, «flashing white light» on the smartphone display is carried out by a distance sensor. That is, there are no problems with the screen on the Galaxy S10+ as such. The thing is that the manufacturer used a non-standard display for its flagship in order to improve the aspect ratio. The Infinity-O screen does not have a top notch where various sensors are usually hidden. That's why the Galaxy S10 series smartphones use distance sensor technology. The screen flickers only occasionally during calls.

Samsung said random screen flickerduring calls is recorded in the user manual, but it is possible that the user did not carefully read the instructions for the phone or did not read it at all. Therefore, many take this fact for a problem with the display. This is not the first time that Samsung uses a distance sensor in its devices. It is known that Samsung watches also come with distance sensors.