Screensaver “Broken” on New Apple Laptops

The owners of new Apple laptops on M1 processors said that they encountered a problem in the operation of the screen

screensavers. The bug starts it, but it is impossible to get out of it.

The problem concerns the Fast User Switching option in macOS Big Sur. It allows you to change user accounts without having to log out.

According to posts on the MacRumors forums, AppleCommunity and Reddit, sometimes the screen saver on Apple Silicon laptops appears without warning and makes the desktop workspace inaccessible.

When the splash screen appears on the screen, the pointermouse is on top of it. It can be moved, but no action can be taken. Users have to close and open the laptop lid or press the Touch ID key or use the Alt-Command-Q key combination.

Disabling Fast User Switching prevents the problem from occurring. The problem affects M1 devices - MacBook Air, 12-inch MacBook Pro and Mac mini.