Screenwriter Half-Life 2 and Left 4 Dead talked about working on a new shooter

Chet Falizhek, screenwriter of the episodes of Half-Life 2, both Left 4 Dead and Portal, announced the creation in March 2019

own studio called Stray Bombay. The writer founded the company together with former Riot Games game designer Kimberly Wall, saying that together they plan to create team games. Now, Falizhek went from words to actions, starting work on the first Stray Bombay game.

What is known

If you believe VG247, then Chet and KimberlyDevelop a network shooter with an unusual approach to the selection of players. Often, a game unites gamers, given their skills, but in the Stray Bombay project, matchmaking is based on social interactions.

"One of the things that ourco-founder worked at Riot, - matchmaking and how we perceive it. For example, you play Left 4 Dead on Thursday, and the session is going well. Then the game asks: “Hey, would you like to add this person to your friends?”. This is how to say: “Hey, we had our first date, let's get married.” Explicit search.

If you know what happens from session tosession, you can say: “Hey, these people play together, they are looking for games on Thursday - let's send them to the same room and give them the opportunity to play again.” Our measurement parameters are related to the social element, and not to abilities, ”Falizhek explained

The writer added that the system will also track player progress. So, if the assembled team has already played and earned a series of victories, then the game will increase the difficulty.

The second feature of the shooter is the emphasis on gamingprocess, not manufacturability. Developers want to minimize "technical risks", so the game will not have a character editor or progression system, which gamers have already got used to.

The release date, platform, and even the name of the project, the developers have kept secret.

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