Season of Opulence in Destiny 2: all about Menagerie mode, new activities and rewards

June is almost here, and Bungie has told Destiny 2 players what to expect from the new Season of Opulence, which kicks off

It's already June 4th.

What is known

The star of the update will be the Menagerie mode(Menageri - English). Gamers will have to go down to the lost hideout of the emperor, along with six players, and fight for runes, which can then be exchanged for weapons or armor. In addition, the player will choose what he will take with him, and over time the power of the rewards will increase.

Bungie has prepared two versions of the Menagerie mode -ordinary and heroic. In the first, gamers will be able to summon teammates for activity using matchmaking, and in the second, the guards will have to form a battle group in advance.

Gamers who have already completed Forsaken,will be able to try out the “Menagerie” and receive the Imperial Summoning quest. This will bring gear up to level 690, making it easier for players to access new content.

Also, every week Forsaken users willcall for a treasure hunt. Benedict-44 has already prepared tasks for the guards, for completing which space warriors will receive equipment and weapons up to level 750. In a previous blog post, Bungie said that they did not want to make the Drifter the main source of power, and it seems that now it will become Benedict 44.

The Season of Opulence also introduces newguns, armor, the return of the Iron Banner, as well as another Solstice of Heroes event. The promised content will be revealed gradually. So, on June 4, players will be allowed into the “Menagerie” mode, on June 11, a new boss and a quest for “The Truth” will be added to the activity, and on June 25, “Menagerie” will receive a heroic mode. As early as July 2, a quest for the Lumina revolver will be added to Destiny 2, and the solstice begins only on July 30.

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