Secret information about new Russian satellites appeared on the Internet.

The message does not indicate where exactly this data appeared and who posted it there. It is noted that the network

there was a presentation about the Luch satellites,"Glonass-K-2", the apparatus of military communication "Blagovest", as well as the new devices "Sphere-B", "Sphere-S", "Heracles-KV" produced by "Information satellite systems" named after M. F. Reshetnev (ISS ).

Projects are also mentioned in the presentation.Production of NGOs named after S. A. Lavochkin - Luna-Resource, Luna-Glob, Nivelir, Resonance-RM, produced by Progress RCC-Obzor-R, Aist-2D, Bion-M, projects of the Central Research Institute of Chemistry and Mechanics - Burevestnik-M-AB, Burevestnik-KA-M-AB, Voltage-SB, Nivelir-ASB and Numismat-AB.


According to the chief designer for lithium-ionSergey Likhonosov’s Sputnik batteries, for the first time this information was told at the Autonomous Power Sources conference in Interbat in Moscow, and then published At the same time, it is not completely clear on what grounds it was published, the newspaper notes.

Hightek could not find this presentation on the Internet.