See a galaxy that could be pure dark matter

GAMA 526784 lies in the constellation Hydra, about four billion light-years from Earth. Ultradiffusion

galaxies such as GAMA 526784 have their own characteristics.

For example, the content of dark matter in them canbe either very low or very high — astronomers have observed ultradiffusion galaxies that contain almost no dark matter, while others are made up of only dark matter.

Another feature of this class of galaxies is the anomalous abundance of bright globular clusters. This has not been observed in other types of galaxies.

Hubble photographed GAMA 526784 usingAdvanced Camera for Filming (ACS), which was installed in 2002. Since then, the instrument has helped make important observations. The ACS also photographed Pluto ahead of the New Horizon mission, observed giant gravitational lenses, and discovered fully formed galaxies in the early universe.

The telescope photographed GAMA 526784 toastronomers have studied the properties of ultradiffusion galaxies in more detail. Observations were carried out in high resolution at ultraviolet wavelengths, thanks to which it was possible to estimate the size and age of different regions of star formation.

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