See a rare occurrence - an irregular nebula, or Herbig's Haro object

The photo shows the structure HH111 - this is the Herbig-Haro object in the dark cloud L1617: it is located in

constellation Orion. HH 111 is located about 1,300 light years, or 400 parsecs, from the Sun.

Haro is formed when gas ejected by a young star reacts with nearby clouds of gas and dust at a speed of several hundred kilometers per second.

Objects of this type do not live long, the maximumtheir lifetime is several thousand years. They develop almost "before our eyes": in the pictures taken even at relatively small intervals, their high speed of penetration into the interstellar gas clouds is noticeable.

From Hubble's observations, one can see the complex evolution of these regions over a period of only a few years: while some parts fade, others brighten, colliding with the matter of the interstellar medium.

The subject was captured with Wide Field Camera 3 (WFC3) aboard the Hubble Observatory.

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