See how a robot created from three hoses for a shower is climbing a wall with suckers

Performing work on vertical surfaces is a difficult task for engineers who deal with

development of robots. Now for devices capable of performing installation and sanitary work on the walls of buildings, complex and expensive technologies of adhesion or electroadhesion are used, which make such robots unprofitable.

Researchers from cambridge university andToyohashi University of Technology has created a robot that consists of three water hoses, two vacuum suckers, electric motors and pumps that can climb vertical surfaces.

When moving on the wall, the robot releases the upper suction cup, pulls up and then lowers the bottom one. The device is capable of holding a weight of up to 1.7 kg and rise to a height of 4 m.

Previously, engineers from Ben-Gurion Universitycreated a robot from a wheeled device and a quadrocopter. The device has a housing with variable geometry and four screws that allow it to take off to overcome high obstacles.