See how Perseverance rode the surface of Mars for the first time

NASA mission chiefs said the Perseverance rover made a short trip two weeks after

landing. A six-wheeled probe the size of a car covered 6.5 meters during a half-hour test in Jezero Crater, an ancient lake bed and river delta.

After receiving guidance from mission leaders inNASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) rover traveled 4 meters forward, turned about 150 degrees to the left, and then drove another 2.5 meters in the opposite direction.

“He did incredibly well,” said Anais Zarifyan, JPL Mobility Test Engineer. NASA has released a photograph taken by the rover showing the tracks of its wheels.

Researchers are planning next weekcarry out another test drive for a short distance. Perseverance is capable of walking approximately 200 meters per day. However, engineers have yet to test his instruments before sending them in search of traces of fossilized microbial life.

Until now, Perseverance and its equipment, includingthe main robot arm is working flawlessly, said Robert Hogg, deputy mission manager. The team also plans to conduct post-landing tests of the rover's sophisticated systems to drill and collect rock samples for return to Earth.

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