See how the Chang’e-4 Chinese lunar rover looks from orbit

The rover landed in the Von Karma crater, one of the least explored areas of the Moon's surface, almost

2 thousand km and a depth of up to 10 km.Chang'e-4 will not bring anything to Earth from the far surface of the Moon, but will study the internal structure of the satellite thanks to a powerful radar, as well as a mobile laboratory.

The picture was taken on January 30th - then the LRO flewover the crater of Karman and photographed Chang’e-4 from a distance of 330 km. Despite this, the device’s landing platform occupies only two pixels in the image and looks like a bright white dot.

At the start of the fervale, Chang’e-4 recorded a record low temperature on Earth’s satellite. It turned out to be 30% lower than the minimum values ​​that were previously observed on the visible side of the moon.

Earlier, the Chinese National Space Administration (CNSA) published a video of the landing of research vehicles from the Chinese ship Chang’e-4 to the other side of the moon.