See how the RemoveDEBRIS satellite catches space debris with a harpoon and net

The space debris sweeper was first successfully tested in September 2018. Then

RemoveDEBRIS caught rotating metala piece released to mimic space junk. After the chip hit the network, it was pulled together with six electric motors installed on the space network.

Now the satellite has caught a real piece of another vehicle - with the help of a net with an arrow 1.5 m long and a harpoon ejected at a speed of 20 m / s.

The satellite tests began in May 2018, when RemoveDEBRIS was launched into orbit by the SpaceX rocket.

Today, the Earth’s orbit ismore than 750 thousand objects of space debris with a diameter of more than 1 cm, moving at a speed of more than 28 thousand km / h. Basically, they are various remnants of rockets or shuttles, ranging from huge accelerating blocks to small bolts and nuts.