See how the Sikorsky HH-60W combat rescue helicopter makes the first flight

The HH-60W is designed as a special combat rescue helicopter with a longer range, speed and

It has reconfigurable seats, double the fuel capacity of the Black Hawk, and an improved mechanical and cybersecurity system.

The radius of its combat flight delivers 195 nm (361 km), the device can hang at an altitude of 1 220 m and remain operational at a temperature of 35 ° C.

The first flight of a combat rescue helicopterThe HH-60W included such tests as hovercraft flying, flying at low speed and flying around the airfield. Tests were held at the site in Florida.

It is planned that Sikorsky HH-60W will replace the US Air Force HH-60G helicopters, which have been used since 1982, for armament. In total, the armed forces intend to purchase 113 vehicles.

It was previously reported that the Agency for ProspectiveDefense Development Agency (DARPA) of the US Department of Defense, together with the military company Sikorsky, will test a new autopilot system on the iconic F-16 Fighting Falcon.