See how the Vahana aerotaxi from Airbus bends and hangs in the air during flight tests

Airbus introduced a VTOL aircraft in 2018. It is planned that the device will be used as a flying

Taxi.The user will be able to call it through the application and get from one point to another both within the city and beyond. For example, you can fly from San Jose to San Francisco in 18 minutes, paying $77 for 77 km of travel.​

In the course of the 30th in a series of flight tests aerotaxirose to a height of 64 m, and then sharply leaned forward, continuing to move like a drone. When tilting the wings of the aircraft also bent by 30 °, and the aero-taxi accelerated to 95 km / hour.

Earlier, SeaBubble startup in Miami conducted tests of its flying electric boat, which in the future will partially replace city taxis.