See the cloud of dust kicked up by the probe's asteroid impact

On the night of September 26/27, NASA's DART spacecraft successfully collided with the asteroid Dimorph. it

160-meter satellite orbiting overthe large asteroid Didyma. Approximately 38 seconds after the collision (the time it takes light to travel from the point of impact to the Earth), the broadcast from the ship was interrupted.

Now researchers are publishing photos andvideo recordings made during ground-based observations and from other spacecraft. For example, astronomers in a small area of ​​​​our planet, stretching from southern and eastern Africa to the Indian Ocean and the Arabian Peninsula, could observe it live with their telescopes.

The European Space Agency presentedfootage of the collision taken by the Les Makes observatory team on the French Indian Ocean island of Réunion. The image shows that the asteroid immediately began to brighten upon impact, and after a few seconds it became noticeably brighter. Less than a minute later, a cloud of ejected material was visible and could be followed as it drifted eastward and slowly dissipated.

Accelerated Observation Recording After a Collisionasteroid and spaceship. Video: Les Makes observatory, J. Berthier, F. Vachier / T. Santana-Ros / ESA NEOCC, D. Föhring, E. Petrescu, M. Micheli

The first pictures also came from the camera,installed on the tiny LUCIAcube satellite. This is a 6-section cubesat (small satellite) developed by the Italian Space Agency. About a week before the collision, he separated from the DART ship, but followed it to observe the collision up close.

Images taken by the LUCIAcube satellite. The image shows Didymus (a large asteroid), Dimorph and the dust cloud that formed the impact. Photo: ASI, NASA

In the coming days and weeks, astronomers around the worldwill work to confirm whether the asteroid's trajectory was permanently altered by the impact. Previously, Hi-Tech told how the DART mission went and how astronomers will continue to evaluate its results.

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