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U.S. Air Force donates $ 60 million to aerospace startup Hermeus to fund hypersonic flight tests

aircraft Quarterhorse.It is intended for military and commercial use. Capable of flying at Mach 5 and a range of 7,400 km, the new aircraft will use a turbine-based combined cycle (TBCC) engine based on the commercial GE J85 turbojet engine.

Founded by former members of SpaceX, Blue Origin andGeneration Orbit, Hermeus plans to launch the Quarterhorse demonstration aircraft this decade. It will become the fastest reusable aircraft in regular service. Its titanium construction is slated to withstand ultra-high speeds.

In recent years, the United States Air Force has shown interest insuch high-speed commercial aircraft, not only for military use, but also as a potential long-term replacement for the President's Air Force One. It is not only the transport of the head of state, but also the control center in case of a nuclear war or an emergency in the country.

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