See what a woman Thora looks like. She lived 800 years ago

Using the skeletal remains found by the researchers, they created a realistic model of what the

medieval norwegian woman. She smiles and holds a large cane. The woman lived almost 800 years ago.

Image courtesy of Åge Hojem, NTNU University Museum

Ellen Grave, archaeologist at the University MuseumNorwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), presented the world with a realistic model of a medieval woman, who was named Thor. Now her image is on display at the NTNU Museum. The name "Thor" was chosen as part of a survey conducted by the Norwegian broadcaster NRK.

According to a study, Torah was born at the end1200s and lived in Trondheim, a city in central Norway. According to the museum, at that time the medieval metropolis grew rapidly and was inhabited by artisans and merchants.

Although there is no written record of Thor, archaeologists have pieced together the life story of this medieval woman based on her skeleton and the location where her body was exhumed.

Image courtesy of Åge Hojem, NTNU University Museum

Scientists have found that the Torah lived for about 65 years.This is quite a lot for that period. “She must have lived a pretty good life for her time,” the scientists write. However, the deformation of the spine in the skeleton of the Torah suggests that the woman walked hunched over. She also had no lower teeth.

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