See what the Earth looks like from the Chinese space station

A new video that shows our planet from space was filmed by panoramic cameras mounted on

aboard the Tiangong space station (translated from Chinese as “Heavenly Palace”), moving in low Earth orbit.

Together with the taikonauts, the viewer can seethe classic blue color of our planet. The camera smoothly slides over the oceans and continents, from time to time on the surface you can see the shadows that the clouds cast on the surface of the water.

Tiangong is a Chinese space modularstation. This is the second active manned station in low Earth orbit after the ISS. The Heavenly Palace consists of three modules: the main module and two research modules. The construction of the station was completed at the end of October 2022.

And scientific operations officially began afterafter the Shenzhou-14 crew, which was completing the assembly, handed over the station to the taikonauts of the Shenzhou-15 mission, who flew into space on November 29. This was the first case of a crew change on board the Tiangong, while during the "shift change" there were 6 people on board. The Chinese authorities expect that, at least in the next decade, a crew will be permanently on board the Tiangong.

Previously, Hi-Tech told in detail how humanity "populated" low Earth orbit.

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