See what the Neptune ship will look like for a six-hour flight into space

Space Perspective has unveiled what its future Neptune spacecraft will look like. He imagines

a capsule supported by balloons, inwhich several passengers can make a six-hour flight into space. The first images of the capsule give an idea of ​​what the journey will be like, especially considering the cost of the ticket.

The interior of the capsule is heated and isunder pressure. The capsule will smoothly rise to a height of 30 km (commercial flights usually do not exceed 12.7). Large windows around the capsule will provide a 360-degree view showing the curvature of the Earth in all its glory, as well as the blackness of space. The viewing range will be about 724 km.

The Neptune will have its own bar so astronauts can enjoy the view of space with a good drink.

The spacecraft will be able to reach the Karman Line - the officially recognized boundary of space - 100 km.

Recall that a suborbital flight on the ship Virgin Galactic costs $450 thousand. Axiom Space takes $55 million for a flight into space and a visit to the International Space Station.

No dangerous overloads and affordable price, according to Space Perspective"Neptune" will reach the Karman line

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