See what the new iPhone 13 Pro looks like

Presentation of the iPhone 13 line, which may come out under the name iPhone 12s. According to insiders, new

the device should get an improved AMOLED screen with adaptive image refresh rate up to 120 Hz.

Also, the developers promise to addfingerprint sensor under the screen surface. The smartphone will also receive a proprietary A15 Bionic processor, which will be manufactured at TSMC enterprises using 5-nanometer technology. The volume of built-in flash memory, according to unconfirmed information, will reach 1 TB.

The main difference between the new device and the iPhone 12a flat frame around the perimeter of the body, as well as a square block of the main camera. If earlier the main unit was raised above the surface of the rear panel, and the lenses individually protruded even higher, now the entire camera unit will be covered with a common protective glass.

This will make cleaning the camera easier: there is no need to wipe each module separately.

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