Segway eMoped C80 presented at Indigogo: a smart electric scooter with NFC tag, speeds up to 32 km / h and a range of 85 km

Segway has unveiled its Segway eMoped C80 electric scooter on the Indiegogo crowdfunding platform. True it is

not entirely new: the official presentation took place in December last year.

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The scooter accelerates at a maximum speed of 32kilometers per hour and can travel up to 85 km on a single charge thanks to a removable lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 1152 Wh. It weighs 55 kg, and the case is protected from water according to the IPX7 standard.

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The transport has an intelligent RideyGo system. It allows you to start a moped using a smartphone or NFC tag, block it via the app, and also protect it from hijackers. In the latter case, the security system includes lights, a loud signal and automatic wheel locking.

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There is a light ring on the steering wheel, whichnotifies about the status of the scooter: yellow - in standby mode, green - while driving, red - in case of malfunctions. The speed and battery level are displayed on the dashboard.

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Additionally, the scooter can be equipped with a grocery basket and a seat for children.


The vehicle cost on Indiegogo is $ 1899. In a few days, more than $ 280 thousand were collected at the site.

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