Segway-Ninebot introduced an electric scooter with an autopilot, which itself returns for charging

Segway-Ninebot introduced the new KickScooter T60 electric scooter, which received the functions of an artificial


What it is

It looks like an ordinary three-wheeled scooter, but onin fact, he is much “smarter” than his brothers. Its main feature is that when the battery is low, find the nearest charging station yourself and go there automatically to recharge.

According to the head of Ninebot (Segway's parent company), the KickScooter T60 will be controlled remotely from the cloud.

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Why and who needs it

First of all, such scooters are useful to rental services. Uber and Lyft have already paid attention to the new model, expanding the scope of activities for scooter rental.

The fact is that usually such companies have tohire couriers who pick up sat down scooters from the streets. Some users throw a discharged device right on the road, resulting in a threat to pedestrians and vehicles.

KickScooter T60, which will independently reach the charging station, can just solve this problem.

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True, such a scooter will cost several times more expensive than usual: instead of 200-300 dollars, which are usually paid for by scooters, rental services will have to pay about 1420 dollars.

Tests KickScooter T60 will begin next month, and the sale of the electric scooter should go in the first quarter of next year.