First assessments of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice: powerful, like Dark Souls and Bloodborne

The release of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is scheduled for March 22, but owners of press copies have already played enough and shared

with your impressions.

What is known

Sekiro was warmly received by critics, and 12 reviews laterThe average score for the game on Metacritic was 90 points. Journalists note that From Software, although they used the old formula of “Souls games,” managed to take a step forward. The combat system feels organic, the fights are fair, and the stealth mechanics do a great job of breaking up the gameplay, adding variety. The only thing Sekiro has been criticized for is the same type of enemies, which become boring over time.

“Overall, I can't get enough of Sekiro, even though I'm terrible at the game,” COGconnected.

"Sekiro has evolved from the Software formula into a stylish adventure that naturally emphasizes precision and skill in combat," - IGN

"Sekiro is as powerful as Dark Souls and Bloodborne, once again demonstrating FromSoftware's talent." - JeuxActu


  • PlayStation LifeStyle - 95
  • IGN - 95
  • Game Informer - 90
  • - 85
  • Hardcore Gamer - 80
  • IGN Japan - 80

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice will be released on March 22 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.