Semiconductor materials will grow in Earth's orbit

Scientists from the Novosibirsk Institute of Semiconductor Physics. A.V. Rzhanova Siberian Branch of the Russian

the Academy of Sciences (IPP SB RAS) will grow semiconductor materials in Earth's orbit: this task has been included in the long-term program of scientific and applied research on the ISS from Roscosmos.

We got into a long-term programscientific and applied research on the ISS. This year we must complete climatic tests, tests of vibration resistance, and also radiation resistance. After that, it is planned that in the next year or two an experiment will be carried out on the ISS.

Alexander Latyshev, Director of IPP SB RAS

According to him, it is better to conduct the experiment in space, since deep vacuum conditions are available there: they are difficult to recreate on Earth.

Also, there are no working chamber walls in space, so you don't have to spend a lot of time to create vacuum conditions there. Ultrapure conditions are required for the synthesis of semiconductor structures.

Latyshev added that in the future, the results of the experiment will make it possible to restore solar cells directly in space, without complicated transportation of components from Earth.

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