Services in Russia began to repair devices at the expense of donors

While Russian shelves are flooded with Chinese smartphones, gadget repair service centers are forced to

disassemble used parts for parts, and sometimes evennew gadgets. This became known from a recent investigation of the Kommersant publication. And the situation concerns not only smartphones: the lack of components is observed in all mass electronics, including tablets, laptops, TVs, etc. Because of this, not only did the repair time double, which was previously carried out on average in 5 days, but the repair itself is now often associated with the removal of spare parts from “donor” devices.

Additionally, the situation is exacerbated by devicesimported into the Russian Federation by “parallel imports”. The fact is that their warranty service must be carried out in the country for which they are intended, which additionally increases the repair time and its cost. According to estimates, the average cost of repairing smartphones in the second quarter of the year has already increased by 11% compared to the same period a year earlier - and this is just the beginning. A week earlier, we reported on the growing shortage of spare parts for the iPhone in Russia.

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