Seven-year-old American accidentally swallowed AirPods

A seven-year-old boy from Georgia received the seemingly best gift for Christmas - wireless AirPods. And all

It would be nice if the student did not accidentally swallow the earphone and did not have to be taken to the hospital.

Kiara Stroud's mother is notshe could have guessed that the present would be in the baby’s stomach. According to her, the boy could not explain how he swallowed the headphone. It is reported that he simply held it in his mouth by the long end.

An X-ray confirmed that some of the AirPods are now in the baby’s stomach. Doctors were puzzled, but came to the conclusion that the headphone would come out naturally.

The mother of the student said she considers it her dutywarn other parents of the dangers of such an incident. And the boy himself is now scared to such an extent that he does not even want to touch the second Christmas present - a smartphone.