Several buildings of Moscow State University will be connected by a quantum network

The Center for Quantum Technologies of Moscow State University has launched a secure quantum telephony line, which will connect 20

subscriber points. The maximum distance between objects is 50 km.

The project began in December 2020. According to the press service of Moscow State University, the network points will be located at the physics faculty of the university, in the main building and at the Center for Quantum Technologies.

To ensure the secure transfer of information toeach trusted zone, VipNet QSS Point clients are installed, which use the quantum channel to connect through the hierarchical VipNet QSS Switch optical channel system to the VipNet QSS Server. Thus, the unification of trusted zones is carried out, and the VipNet QSS system also ensures the delivery of keys to all devices used to encrypt user information.

During the year, the quantum network will be integrated with the network of the Infotecs company, and by the end of the year it will be put into experimental operation.

Before quantum encryption becomesa familiar part of secure business communications, it is necessary to thoroughly test all possible options for the operation of such systems. The project that we started complements and develops the experiments and developments in the field of quantum communications over fiber-optic networks, which were previously carried out by us and other companies working in this area.

Sergey Kulik, Professor and Scientific Director of the Center for Quantum Technologies, Moscow State University

The work is planned to be fully completed by the end of 2021.

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