Sex is the weirdest part of The Witcher 3 that no one at CD Projekt wanted to do

Romance is an integral part of role-playing games. Gamers love the freedom of choice in quests, but what’s even cooler is

when players can develop relationships with other characters according to their own scenario. At the same time, developers from CD Projekt Red are reluctant to get involved with sex scenes.

What is known

In an interview with Eurogamer, the Witcher 3 writer:Wild Hunt Jakub Szamalek said that no one at CD Projekt wanted to create sex scenes. According to the developer, it was a “pretty awkward process” for the entire team.

“At some point, someone entered the writers’ room.the producer and said: “We need 12 cut scenes with sex. Who wants to write them?“. Nobody wanted to do this. If I remember correctly, I wrote them all. It was quite an awkward process for everyone involved,” Szamalek said.

According to the writer, at first he had towrite a script, describe what is happening and send it to the animators. Then the text fell into the hands of mocap actors, who had to follow the plot, acting out the written scenes.

"The animators had to figure out how toshow and then direct the mocap actors, which is awkward, and then the actors have to execute it and follow the script, which is also awkward. But sex is still awkward, so it worked out in the end,” he added.

Jakub noted that when creating sex scenes, CD Projekt Red does not want to just show bodies, but to reveal more about the characters or add humor.