ShiftCam ProGrip: a wireless charging case that turns your smartphone into a professional camera

ShiftCam, a maker of imaging accessories for smartphones, has opened pre-orders for the ProGrip case.

What it is?

In fact, it is useful andmultifunctional smartphone accessory, the main purpose of which is to turn your phone into a professional camera. It mimics the ergonomics of a large camera - a sturdy grip for easy grip while shooting, and even a Bluetooth shutter button. In addition, the swivel design allows you to rotate the gadget effortlessly from landscape to portrait or vice versa.

The case allows you to attach additionalaccessories to further enhance your smartphone camera. For example tripod, lighting and microphones. ShiftCam offers a ready-made set of ProGrip and accessories, but of course it costs more.

Also, the case can be used asStands: Thanks to the large base and intelligent weight distribution, the smartphone will be stable, and you will be able to shoot blogs and video chat without using your hands.

But that's not all.ShiftCam ProGrip has a built-in battery and is able to charge a dead smartphone and even other devices. 15W wireless charging and 20W wired charging are available. What's more, you can charge both your phone and other gadgets (such as wireless headphones) at the same time using the docking station as a stand. The built-in battery is quite capacious - 6400 mAh, so the smartphone will be fully charged.

Unlike previous ShiftCam accessories,ProGrip is not designed for a specific model. It will be able to hold any mobile device with a width of 84 to 173 mm, with or without a case.

You can order ShiftCam ProGrip on the official website. The cost of one case is $ 120, and a set with accessories is $ 150.

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