Should I buy an iPhone 7: the pros and cons of the device

When buying an iPhone 7, you want to know the pros and cons of using it in advance. Considering the high cost

This decision is quite reasonable, so it’s worth weighing the pros and cons.

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Flaws flagship

You should start with the minuses of the "seven", because sometimes they outweigh the benefits:

  1. Price. iPhone 7 Plus is not cheap. For its cost, you can buy a quite powerful gaming laptop and even a used car, so this barrier is not always overcome, because these things are much more useful than any smartphone. At the same time, devices on the Android platform with similar characteristics will be much cheaper, as well as their maintenance with accessories.
  2. Closed platform. iOS will not be able to root, install extraneous software on it, or transfer the document from another gadget. For all this you need iTunes, which may not be on the right device. Thus, working with files on this device is very difficult, as well as any interaction with other platforms. Even the loss of a USB cable can turn into almost a tragedy, since the connector on an iPhone is specific.
  3. Narrow selection Of course, today smartphones are slightly different from each other, but you can still find something new, while Apple provides quite a few variations of devices and color solutions. Many users do not like the newer iPhone models, but because of the well-established fashion and the desire to have a “fresh” version of the gadget, they have to buy a device for lack of an alternative.
  4. Minor bugs. These shortcomings of the iPhone 7 are quite insignificant, since they are peculiar to smartphones on any platform, regardless of the manufacturer. For example, Jet Black turned out to be rather unstable to external influences, therefore scratches, dirt and fingerprints remain on it. In addition, the new device does not have a standard headphone jack, and the camera’s peephole bulges out of the case, which significantly increases the risk of damage to the fragile element.
  5. Design. The last 2 models are almost identical in appearance. The difference is in inconspicuous details: the position of the plastic inserts, the replacement of the Home key with a touch-sensitive analog sensitive to pressing force and a camera with 2 lenses. If you do not focus on these innovations, then it will be difficult to understand exactly which model is in the hands of the user.

Of course, for real fans of technology fromApple the above disadvantages of the device do not mean anything. A very low percentage of users are really interested in self-control and modification of the OS, and the closeness of the platform quickly ceases to be obvious. Thus, such minor flaws will not be able to stop the customer from buying.

Why buy an iPhone 7?

The advantages of the flagship are much greater than the minuses:

  1. High quality. This parameter is fully justified by the cost of the gadget, so you can be confident in the smooth and uninterrupted operation of the device. The assembly of the seventh iPhone is also high at the level - no backlash, otherwise the smartphone must be replaced immediately. Applications from iTunes are perfectly optimized, so no problems will arise with them. In addition, after updating the firmware, the flagship does not turn into a “brick”, unlike cheap devices on android.
  2. Long-term support for a period of 3 years or more. Updates of various applications and firmware will be periodically sent to the smartphone, so the iPhone will always get compatibility with the latest gadgets and programs. Thus, the phone will become obsolete much later than any other Android device.
  3. A variety of accessories. Since the products for "apple" devices has almost a fabulous price, many companies are happy to release it. Therefore, a smartphone can pick up a lot of useful and not very gadgets, as well as elements for personalizing and changing the look.
  4. Moisture and dust protection. The case of the iPhone 7 is made according to the IP67 standard, but this does not mean that water will not get in through the existing holes. Thus, it is definitely not worth bathing a gadget.
  5. Unique features of each new model. For example, the sixth iPhone was able to recognize the force pressing on the display. "Seven" is also taught to exit the standby mode when you lift the smartphone from a horizontal surface.
  6. Display. Retina Color has enhanced color clarity and fine details of the image, despite the previous resolution. In addition, the screen of the new generation adapts to the level of illumination in the room or on the street, thanks to which the picture is perfectly perceived, and the panel itself has less negative impact on vision. Such a function will be useful to fans of late surfing the Internet, and even the average user will be pleasantly surprised, because the photos and pictures will start to look more colorful and alive.
  7. More memory. Previously, this figure started at just 16 GB, but with the release of a new model, Apple doubled it. Now the drive has a minimum capacity of 32 GB, and the maximum possible has increased to 256 GB. Thus, the memory of the smartphone holds the same amount of data as the budget PC.
  8. Increased battery capacity. Of course, here the seventh iPhone can not be compared with many devices on the Android platform, where there are batteries up to 6000-8000 mAh. However, as part of Apple products, gadgets with a 1980 mAh and 2910 mAh battery capacity are already quite good, given that the performance was even lower. Such a device would hardly last for several days, but with moderate use it can last at least 24 hours.
  9. Stereo speakers. Their power is twice that of the previous model of the device. This step will improve the sound quality of the music being played and the tracks from the video, as well as hands-free conversations. Increased dynamic range is also intended to enhance these characteristics.

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Choosing the iPhone 7, the pros and cons are worth weighingin advance to make the right decision. However, the owners of the sixth series can be postponed the purchase, since the difference between the models is very small. This also applies to new-generation Android devices, manufacturers of which monitor compliance with technological standards. In this case, only the functionality and stability of the operating systems will differ. But in this matter, open source software has a rather ambiguous position, since it provides more options for modification, but its performance sometimes fails. Thus, it is necessary to make a choice nevertheless independently based on the objectives of the acquisition.