Should I buy the Apple Watch Series 5? Feedback

When the very first Apple Watch was released (and this was in 2015), it created a real shock among

users and fans of smart gadgets.And compared to what we see now, they were extremely slow, third-party apps took forever to load, and battery life was generally poor. After this, the manufacturer began to update its accessory. And finally the latest version of the smartwatch — Apple Watch Series 5, which has caused many of us to have a number of doubts about whether it’s worth upgrading our old watch to the latest model. Or they're not worth it. Let's figure it out.

Review and review

The new Apple Watch Series 5 is now availableAlways-on screen feature that allows you to discreetly glance at the time without making unnecessary movements. Everything else remains the same: you still need to charge the watch every night, and it looks just like the Apple Watch Series 4. Do you still think you should buy it? Here's what one Apple Watch Series 5 owner, who's been using it for a week, thinks.


Is it true that the Apple Watch Series 5 is finallya constantly on screen appeared, and is this option now available for older Apple Watch? No, it’s not, and the reason for this is that Series 5 uses a unique combination of an innovative display, a low-power display driver, a new ambient light sensor and an efficient circuitry that is simply not found in the old watch.

Basic technology is called low temperaturepolysilicon and oxide display (or LTPO), and it can perform one magic trick: it can act like a regular screen, updating 60 times per second, or can switch to super slow update mode and update only once per second. This new super slow update mode is activated when you are not looking at the screen, and it is extremely energy-efficient. Plus the screen is slightly darkened. This allows the new Apple Watch to always be turned on and have the same battery life as earlier models.

If the display is always on, does that mean everyone can read your notifications? Apple has thought through this point too. Notifications remain blurry until you actively look at the screen.

By the way, the display on the Series 5 is great: it is an OLED screen with bright colors, and it becomes very bright, so it is easy to see on the street. There is one interesting fact: the resolution on Series 5 is the same as on Series 4 (368 by 448 pixels for the 44 mm model), but it is higher than the resolution on the original iPhone (it had a resolution of 320 x 480 pixels).

Battery Life and Charging

When I was not working, I had about 40% of the charge at the end of the day.

From my own experience I take the watch around 8 in the morning, take offThere are about 10 in the evening, and I have more than 40% of the charge. This happens on a normal day when I am not training. If you are tracking a workout, expect this number to be lower, but even after an hour or two workouts, you will definitely have a battery charge that will be enough for a full day of use. But this is definitely not a 2-day watch. If you forget to charge them at night, most likely they will die the next day.

The watch is charged through the same tiny magnetic charger. You will get 44% in 30 minutes, and a full charge takes about an hour and a half.

Other features

Another new feature of the Apple Watch Series 5 — it's a compass, although it's a small thing. But you like having it. It helps show you the right direction if you are using tiny maps on your watch.

That's all! Otherwise, the new accessory is similar to Series 4: they certainly look the same, and although it does have an S5 chip, which by name differs from the S4 chip in last year’s hours, the processor analysis showed approximately the same speed.

You also have 32 gigabytes of internal storage, and you even have an App Store where you can buy applications right from your wrist.

Another thing that hasn't changed: you still have automatic workout detection, but it doesn't work very well. Sometimes the watch does not recognize activity, such as cycling. Therefore, you have to manually start the training.


There are many other smart watches on the market, andalthough the Apple Watch definitely feel the fastest and most powerful, they have their drawbacks, the biggest of which is that they do not work with Android devices.

On our site you can also familiarize yourself in detail with the comparison of Apple Watch 5 with Galaxy Active 2.

As for prices, in Russia the cost of Apple Watch 5 starts from 32,990 rubles for the 40 mm version and 34,990 rubles for the 44 mm model. Models made of stainless steel and titanium will cost more.

To buy or not?

If you are looking for truly versatile smartwatch, new Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 — great choice. It has nearly twice the battery life (or more) than the Apple Watch, looks stylish, and does a better job of automatically tracking your workouts. Plus, they are round and may look more stylish to you.

If you are a serious athlete, be it jogging, riding acycling, swimming or triathlon, the new Garmin watch may suit you best. The new Fenix ​​6 series are equipped with real buttons that are easier to press in difficult conditions, battery life is measured in days.

However,  the Apple Watch Series 5 is muchFaster than all other smartwatches, it detects your heart rate with very good accuracy, tracks sporting events with detailed data and is very comfortable to wear. This is not a watch that you will pass on to your grandson. This is an incredibly fashionable accessory that will deliver notifications to you and give you some useful health and fitness features.