Showing the firing of Russian multiple launch rocket systems in the Arctic

The Zvezda TV channel showed a report from the exercises at the Shary training ground in the Murmansk region. They show

firing of Russian multiple launch rocket systems "Grad" multiple launch rocket systems in arctic conditions.

It is reported that before the shooting was doneshot from a special wind gun. By observing the flight of the bullet under the influence of the wind, the gunners were able to more accurately calculate the trajectory. They also measured the temperature of the air and shells. In frosty conditions, shooting accuracy may be impaired.

According to Rossiyskaya Gazeta, Grady coped with the task. MLRS destroyed targets at a distance of five kilometers.

It is worth noting that these jet systemssalvo fire of 122 mm caliber were adopted in 1963. They can hit enemy manpower, unarmored vehicles, armored personnel carriers, artillery and mortar batteries, command posts.