Shows the first Ukrainian drone for reconnaissance with a part from a 3D printer

Specialists of the Ukroboronprom concern developed the first Ukrainian-made drone. Reportedly

that it was created for exploitation in intelligence operations.

Quadcopter equipped printed on3D printer with a frame whose weight does not exceed two kg, which facilitates the repair of the device. The developers note that due to the design features, the drone can fly even with a tropical storm, that is, with winds up to 20 m / s. The quadcopter is equipped with two cameras that broadcast what is happening to the pilot and to the ground station. The advantage of the device is the secure communication channels, which complicates the process of identifying the manager of the drone.

”Due to the small size, highmaneuverability, relative ease of operation and use, they become reliable and sometimes irreplaceable means of increasing the effectiveness of military units of the armed forces, solving intelligence tasks, ”shared Maxim Sheremet, project manager for the development of UAVs, Ph.D. student at the Sikorsky KPI.