Sikorsky tested high-speed reconnaissance helicopter for speed and maneuverability

The S-97 Raider helicopter has been developed since 2013 in the interests of the US Air Force (Air Force) - the company is participating in

FARA competition. It involves the development of a reconnaissance helicopter of the future - the Air Force plans to buy the winning project and replace Apache helicopters with it.

AVX Aicraft companies are also participating in the competition.Bell Helicopter, Boeing and Karem Aircraft. At the moment, besides Silorsky, only AVX Aicraft and Bell Helicopter publicly reported on their plans for participation in the tender.

During the tests, the S-97 Raider performed a side slide, a span with a forward inclined head, and also accelerated to 190 knots. The tests were considered successful.

Earlier, the US Air Force Command under the FARA tendersigned contracts with five companies for the development of high-speed reconnaissance helicopters. Aircraft must come into service in 2028.