Sileo is an alternative to Cydia: everything you need to know!

Не так давно Apple праздновала десятую годовщину App Store. Мало кто знает, что App Store мог бы не появиться, если бы не

хакеры, взломавшие первый iPhone в июле 2007 года.

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Cydia app is inseparable from iOS jailbreakfor a long time, but the first tweak installer was actually the application, which was included in the very first jailbreak tool - JailbreakMe 1.0

Today we will talk about the future of jailbreakand not about his past. Cydia has served its own and now seems outdated. In addition, the creator of the application has stopped updating it for new versions of the system, despite its promises. Coolstar developer managed to add support for iOS 11.1.2 - iOS 11, and then iOS 11.4 - iOS 11.3.1, but many users still have problems with Cydia.

It's time to find a replacement for Cydia. Fortunately, the Electra team, which is working on an alternative to Cydia, the Sileo file manager, will be able to install jailbreak.

The new App Store for tweaks will also make it easier for the Electra team to work on future tools, since the file manager will bring them income.

Below are the answers to the most frequently asked questions about the new application:

  • Sileo will only support iOS 11 and later.
  • Purchased files can be transferred from Cydia to Sileo.
  • Payments in Sileo will be made in Packix / Chariz / Dynastic repositories; In these repositories, standard APIs will be used with the price of the file, the purchase status and its completion.
  • Repositories will be able to publish paid files in Sileo.
  • All your installed tweaks will not stop working when you switch to Sileo.

Coolstar posted a video to prove that Sileo works so easily.

The Electra team did not provide an exact release date for the instrument, but we will definitely inform you about its release. It is a pity to say goodbye to Cydia, but at the same time can not wait to find out how Sileo will work.