Sileo Tweak Manager is now compatible with unc0ver jailbreak

A little more than two weeks have passed since the release of the first beta version of the Sileo tweaks and applications manager for devices with

jailbreak iOS 11. During this time, several updates were released for it. Until today, the tweak manager was only compatible with the Electra jailbreak, but now it also supports the unc0ver jailbreak.

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User Reddit Samg_is_a_Ninja promisedrelease version of Sileo for jailbreak unc0ver. He wrote that he simply made changes to the official installer of Sileo and replaced some elements. Here is what he writes himself:

Now you can install Sileo with the unc0ver jailbreak by downloading it from my repository:

It is compatible with all system versions thatsupports Sileo and consists of two (or even three) files: Sillyo Installer – downloads and installs Sileo (beta) [unc0ver] on your device; Sileo Compatibility Layer – eliminates the “duplicate sources” error in Cydia and others; Sileo (beta) [unc0ver] – official version of Sileo with modifications.

It looks like unc0ver jailbreak userssimply add the above repository and download the Sileo installer from it. Cydia will not disappear from the device after installing another tweak manager, and you can use it in parallel with Sileo. To install the manager, you need skills in working with Terminal commands.

Samg_is_a_Ninja also posted answers to frequently asked questions. Below you can read them.

Frequently asked questions about the Sileo version for unc0ver

The Sileo Compatibility Layer file contains common Cydia and Sileo sources, and the sources added to Sileo and vice versa are not deleted from Cydia. Do not forget about this when trying to delete sources.

AT:Is this version officially supported by the Electra team?

ABOUT:Don't ask them to add Sileo support forunc0ver. They made it clear that while they are not against Sileo Compatibility Layer, support for other tools will not be added while the manager is in beta. I bet you don't message @SileoSupport on twitter or Electra team members asking about Sileo support for unc0ver.

AT:Why do you need three files? Why doesn't everything work on its own? Why do you need to use Terminal for installation?

ABOUT:Sileo uses a version of APT that is notsupports Cydia, so Sileo Compatibility Layer provides Sileo support without changing APT. In addition, I fixed several bugs that arose during the installation of Sileo. Sillyo Installer is created so that you do not have to add the Electra repository to unc0ver, in which many files are dangerous for unc0ver jailbreak. The command in the terminal must be used, otherwise an error will occur.

AT:Is it possible to remove Cydia Installer and

ABOUT:No! Since Sileo Compatibility Layer is a tweak, Sileo cannot reinstall or delete files in Safe Mode. You need to keep cydia in case you get stuck in safe mode.

AT:Why does Sileo get a 404 error every time I update sources?

ABOUT:Most repositories use a simplefile structure, but there is no single standard format. Sileo does not yet support more complex formats. The repositories BigBoss (only, ModMyi, ZodTTD/Macciti are not yet supported. JunesiPhone and unlimapps. This will be fixed in the future.

AT:If Sileo is updated, will the update be available immediately?

ABOUT:No, I have to manually update the installer. I can't guarantee anything, but I will try to release updates within 72 hours. You will have to wait a little longer.

The file for compatibility can be downloaded from here:

The installer is downloaded from here:

If you have problems during the installation,Do not contact the Sileo team, because it is not responsible for this version of the installer and is not going to support other tools until the final version of the manager is released.

At the moment, aware of the problem with the black and white screen when you first start the manager. It will be fixed soon.

Should I install Sileo? The decision is yours. The jailbreak unc0ver contains a version of Cydia optimized for iOS 11. In addition, the Sileo tweaks manager is still in beta testing, but Cydia is not.

Transferring paid tweaks from Cydia to Sileo may not work.

If you still want to install Sileo on your device with the unc0ver jailbreak, soon we will publish the installation instructions.