Sileo will stop promoting tweaks from the BigBoss repository

Sileo team announced that it will stop promoting tweaks from the official BigBoss repository.

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this on the main page of the Sileo tweak managerTweaks from the Essentialis, Chariz and Dynastic Repo repositories will be displayed. The Sileo team encourages developers to work with these repositories rather than BigBoss.

If you believe the team Sileo, this solution should make life easier for users. However, many believe that Sileo is trying to kill the BigBoss repository.

This does not mean that tweaks from the BigBoss repository will completely disappear from Sileo, they simply will not be displayed on the main page of the tweaks manager, i.e. will not be advertised.

For now, tweaks to the BigBoss repository can befound in Sileo, at least until the Essentialis repository is ready. However, for users, the current situation is not ideal.

Sileo team is not the first time interferes with the repositoryBigBoss. At the beginning of this year, we learned that the Sileo tweak manager does not display ads in the BigBoss repository, i.e. he gets no income. As you might have guessed, this caused a wave of developer resentment. After that, the Sileo team promised to launch only one advertisement in the BigBoss repository in the next beta version of the manager, which has not yet been released.

The BigBoss repository is the last of the original ones, so users should be interested in keeping it afloat.

Recall that the Sileo tweak manager is still in beta testing, and it is unknown when its public version will be released. Note that it is available exclusively with the Electra jailbreak.