SilverStone Air Penetrator: a series of coolers with a defiant name

Taiwan-based computer accessories manufacturer SilverStone has announced the Air Penetrator series of coolers.

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The line includes three models: SST-AP142-ARGB, SST-AP181 and SST-FN121-P. The older one received a fan with a diameter of 140 mm, blades with a special coating, which create a uniform dispersion of 24 LEDs. The SST-AP142-ARGB also boasts a double bearing, which guarantees the durability of the device.

The next model SST-AP181 is simpler. It also received RGB lighting, but at the same time it has a classic case with a fan of a non-standard size - 180 mm. Of the interesting things in this version are wide blades and a grate. It directs air flows along a certain trajectory, and also performs an additional protective function.

The simplest model SST-FN121-P with a 120 mm cooler closes the list. It has no backlight, but it boasts a low noise level of 25.15 dBa.

Price and when to wait

New items have already gone on sale with the following prices:

  • SilverStone Air Penetrator SST-AP142-ARGB - 948 UAH
  • SilverStone Air Penetrator SST-AP181 - 555 UAH
  • SilverStone Air Penetrator SST-FN121-P - 204 UAH