Similar to the first iPhone: new Motorola Razr Pro teaser

At the end of last week, Motorola started teasing a new generation of Razr clamshells that will impress

outstanding external screen.Today, top manager Chen Jing decided to expand on the topic, saying that we are talking about a 3.5″ display. And this is not just a record diagonal by the standards of Flip-clamshells: it is noted that the 3.5″ screen was used in the first generation iPhone, which at one time “gave people an understanding of large screens”. Thus, Motorola hints that the new Razr will offer the best external screen experience on the market. We will be able to verify this statement in the next few weeks, but for now we will draw your attention to the teaser, which literally confirms the early posters with a screen in which holes were made for the “wells” of cameras and LED flash.

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