Simpler and cheaper AirPods Pro: Apple prepares AirPods Pro Lite headphones

A new Digitimes report says that Apple is preparing new wireless headphones - AirPods Pro Lite (but the name

not yet accurate).

What to expect

Judging by the name, this is a “lite” version of AirPods Pro, which will receive reduced functionality and a more affordable price.

According to industry sources, Universal Scientific Industrial will be the main supplier of components for the new model.

After the release of AirPods Pro Lite, Apple will have three price categories for headphones. The new model is expected to take its place between the AirPods 2 for $ 159 and the AirPods Pro, for which they are asking for $ 249.

According to preliminary information, the official announcement is scheduled for mid-year, but it can be postponed due to the Chinese coronavirus.

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