Simulate the life of Facebook on Facebook itself

Matrix, probably everyone remembers this epoch-making film, telling that our life can be just

computer simulation created by programmersor artificial intelligence. But there can be many levels of simulation that prevent you from running a life simulation in which people also run a simulation for other people or creatures. About the same thing was done on Facebook, creating a simulation of the life of the network itself.

Clone of the most popular among modern peopleThe social network Facebook is completely at the disposal of bots who are actively exploring this site. The main purpose of bots is to search for hidden vulnerabilities and "holes" in the security system. The successes of these bots are analyzed daily using special programs, so Facebook engineers can work to improve the security system of their social network. It is noteworthy that on the cloned site there are not only bots - detectives, but also bots whose main task is the theft of personal data, the generation and distribution of fake news, as well as illegal content.

Facebook says they managed to createsimulation of the real system, which was called "web-enabled simulation" (WES). In this simulation, the same codes are used as in the present one, a communicative relationship between bots is similar to the human one, aimed at preventing possible ways of breaking the rules.

Once vulnerabilities are discovered,the program analyzes them and recommends that engineers make appropriate corrections in the code. Engineers, in turn, either agree to the correction in automatic mode, or conduct a thorough check, based on which they make the final decision. The changes made to the cloned system are duplicated in the real one.

It is worth noting that such a software simulation is not new, but Facebook engineers have to pay tribute to such an original approach and implementation of this idea.

The company notes that their WES simulationworks with the same codes as a real social network, and this allows you to get more accurate results of this study. That is, to guarantee users of Facebook that their personal data and confidential information is reliably protected.

The company's specialists said that they had toto train some bots to play the role of fraudsters and intruders, and others to fulfill the duties of honest and incorruptible guardians of order. According to the engineers, it’s very interesting and exciting to keep track of what’s happening, especially when a fraud bot manages to outwit a bot cop. At this point, a bot attacker is programmed to demonstrate the behavior of an average user on a real network.

Other bots are programmed to publishillegal content, for any violation of the rules, for illegal access to private messages, as well as to confidential information. At the same time, a special tracking program works with them, which tries to analyze the methods undertaken by bots. This program marks the problems it discovered and previously unknown, creates updates and options for changing the code, so bots are denied access to personal information.

It is noteworthy that Facebook does not deny the factthe fact that these two networks can at some point merge into a single one, because there are no perfectly working programs yet. However, according to experts at the moment, the threat of a merger of the two virtual and real worlds of Facebook does not exist.

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