Since July 1, overseas online shopping will rise in price in Ukraine: how much will you have to pay

Starting tomorrow, July 1, the threshold of duty-free import of online purchases from abroad will decrease in Ukraine. what

This means how much you will have to pay extra and which parcels will be delivered for free - read our material.

What does it mean

The Ukrainian government lowered the limits on parcels last year. According to the innovations, now for the parcels that are delivered from foreign online stores, you have to pay duties.

True, not for everything - only for those goodsthe cost of which exceeds a fixed amount. Until June 30, it was € 150, and from July 1 - € 100. Initially they wanted to make a limit on the number of such parcels (not more than three per month per person), but then they thought better of it and crossed out this item.

That is, it doesn’t concern any hand luggage - you can import goods along with your luggage according to the old rules. New duties apply only to goods in international postal and express shipments.

How much to pay

So, if the value of your package exceeds € 100,will have to pay VAT at the rate of 20% and 10% of the duty itself. But they are calculated only on the amount above those same € 100. For example, if you ordered a smartphone for € 250, interest only count from € 150: € 15 duty and € 33 VAT (€ 150 + € 15).

When calculating the value of the parcel will apply the official rate set by the NBU at 00:00 the day of the submission of the customs declaration or the determination of tax obligations.

How to deliver for free

These fees apply only to individuals, for legal entities and individual entrepreneurs, the duty-free limit remains at 150 euros.

The Verkhovna Rada assures that ordinary customersthey will not suffer from this, and only second-hand dealers will have to pay extra. True, now the majority of gadgets cost more than 3 thousand hryvnias, so you still have to pay extra for the delivery of equipment from abroad, even for your own use.

To save on the delivery of several goods,You can order them in several parcels, each of which will cost less than 100 euros. However, in this case, you have to fork out for delivery for each package.

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