Since the beginning of 2022, hackers have stolen more than $2.3 billion in cryptocurrency

Hackers and scammers netted more than $2 billion in three quarters of 2022 after successful cryptocurrency thefts.

Moreover, in the last quarter alone, they committed 30 hacks of large (and not so) projects.

What is known

ImmuneFi published a report on the results of the thirdquarter, which says that from July to August, attackers stole $428 million. Moreover, the Nomad Bridge and Wintermute hacks brought hackers a total of $350 million - $190 million and $160 million, respectively. In the top three, far behind, was the fraud of the developers of the Racoon Network and Freedom Protocol project, due to which users lost $ 20 million.

As expected, almost all losses from thefts werefixed in the decentralized finance (DeFi) sector. The share of losses of such services was 98.8% in the third quarter of 2022. More than half of the hacks were on the BNB Chain and Ethereum blockchains – 28.6% and 23.2%, respectively.

The most profitable period for hackers in 2022was the first quarter. At that time, the attackers were able to steal more than $1.2 billion in cryptocurrency, including $625 million after the Ronin bridge was hacked, which is still the biggest theft this year. In total, over the three quarters, hackers and scammers enriched themselves by $2.328 billion.