Siri pulls shoelaces on Nike via smartphone

When you are little, your parents or older brothers and sisters tie your shoelaces for you. When

you grow up, you start tying your shoelacesyourself, and when you start to gain extra pounds, you look at shoes without laces and a spoon with a long handle. But modern technologies have gone even further - now you don’t need to use a spoon with a long handle, you don’t need to bend over. To tie the laces on Nike's innovative sneakers, all you have to do is ask them, or rather, ask the virtual assistant Siri to convey your request.

Obedient sneakers

New sneakers from one of the industry leadersEquipped with a self-learning Adapt Huarache system. It is enough to ask Siri on the iPhone or on the Apple Watch smart watch, and the sneakers themselves will tighten the laces to a convenient level. Well, the limits of the future that were shown to us in one of the most popular science fiction films seem to be overcome. The FitAdap system, which was developed by Nike, is able to not only execute commands, but also adapt to the owner of futuristic sneakers, according to his preferences, an automation system called Siri Shortcuts will make shoes the most comfortable. Just tell Siri to tighten the laces and they will automatically tighten.

Adapt Huarache has been on the market for 18 yearsyears, sneakers originally had a design with a snug fit. The new generation of sneakers is now able to be configured through the application. Smartphones in our time, these are not even sneakers, a person can be barefoot, but he will still have a smartphone, because in addition to the means of communication, this device serves as the custodian of the user's entire life. It stores all contacts, family photos, videos, banking data, work applications along with work results, even ID and payment cards and much more. So, running sneakers will always be what.

How does it work

Technology used in sneakersFitAdapt uses an engine that interacts with the Nike Adapt smartphone app. The software contains several presets that are designed for a different type of foot, as well as activity conditions. We decided to play some basketball games, then we choose a safe landing, for a simple walk in the park or in the city we choose a preset with more relaxed parameters. The company itself calls the FitAdapt system an innovative intelligent platform that can update and develop, adapting to its user.

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Experts are also optimistic aboutto the innovation, they note that the company has surpassed the fantastic version of the self-tightening sneakers, because they weren’t laced with their voice even in the movie Back to the Future. By the way, the more technology, the greater the likelihood of errors, recently users complained that the update failed in Po, and they could not drag out the sneakers even manually. Fortunately, the company quickly found the problem and fixed all the bugs.

Well, such sneakers - visualevidence that the future has already arrived, but does such a future make us happier? After all, this system, with all its convenience, has generated additional problems. Now you need to constantly monitor whether sneakers or a smartphone are discharged. That is, if something is village, then it will not work to use shoes, they will become just a beautiful and useless exhibit on the shelf.

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